Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin suggests making the release of political prisoners the major issue during the speeches, contacts and the ministerial meetings of the Ukraine-NATO and Ukraine-OSCE, Sushchenko’s lawyer Mark Feigin wrote on his Facebook page.

Regarding the  decision of the Moscow court to extend the detention of Sushchenko until 30 January 2017, Klimkin questioned its legitimacy.

“I believe that all the decisions that Russian courts are taking with regard to our political prisoners, are made without legal basis. This also applies to the decision regarding Roman Sushchenko” said Klimkin.

Moreover, the Minister stressed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will consistently fight for the liberation of all political prisoners, but "the solution of these problems lies in the political arena, so we do need the assistance of international partners."

Earlier, QHA reported that November 28, the Russian court extended the arrest of the Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko for two months.