Speaker of the illegal Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov promised that “Crimea will not leave its relatives and friends” who remained in Ukraine.

He said that in his address to deputies of State Duma of Russia and the Crimeans, reports 15minut.org.

Konstantinov assured that Crimean authorities are ready to provide support to residents of south-eastern regions of Ukraine “in their struggle against the junta that seized power in Kyiv, against the advance of neo-Nazism, extremism and terror”.

“But the best thing we can do for our Ukrainian brothers- is to pave the way for their dignified way out of the situation in which they are caught-  a way to Russia,” said Konstantinov.

According to Konstantinov, now, following the example of Crimea, south-eastern regions of Ukraine, from Kharkov to Odessa, are struggling for their right to “return to their homeland”.

“I have no doubt that this struggle will sooner or later end, and these regions will become part of the Russian Federation.  Crimeans will provide support to south-eastern regions in this struggle,” he added.