Leonid Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine believes that Crimea can be quickly returned to Ukraine if Russia to demonstrate its inability to manage it effectively, he said during the interview.

“It could be both, long or fast. In fact, if Russia could not manage Crimea, and it already shows that it can not, then the returning could happen very quickly, and Crimea to be returned to the grass-roots of Ukraine, as it entered in 1954," Kravchuk stated.

Leonid Kravchuk also criticized the thesis that the return of the peninsula depends on how much the standard of living in Ukraine to be improved.

“The idea that if we live better here in Ukraine, Crimea will come running back to us, this thought is not reasonable,” Kravchuk pointed out.

As a historical example, which can become a similar scenario for the returning of Crimea, Kravchuk named a very rapid destruction of the USSR, revealing important details of the last months of its existence.

“We were sitting in Moscow on October 30, 1991 - Gorbachev, Yeltsin and me and thinking of the way to preserve the Soviet Union as a federation or a confederation. I need to emphasize we thought how to preserve the Soviet Union. This happened on October, 30. One month passed, and on December, 8 the Soviet Union was gone, as people did not want it,” Kravchuk informed.

Earlier, Leonid Kravchuk stated that Ukraine after 26 years of independence found itself surrounded by countries with claims. Kravchuk pointed out that Mikhail Gorbachev initiated the referendum in March 1991 on the preservation of the USSR as an updated Federation, and 73% supported this idea in Ukraine, not in all areas though. However, in the USSR it got worse. During the creation of the USSR, they did not envisage a mechanism for exiting from it. The First President of Ukraine noted that a document was signed indicating that the USSR had ceased to exist in Pushcha Belovezhskaya.