The corresponding documentation governs the activity of the Special Flight Detachment "Russia", controlled by the Russian President Administration. The Detachment provides air service for the top persons of the Russian Federation, reported "Sobesednik."

Last December, under the state order the "Russia’s" General Director Yaroslav Odintsov signed with "Aeroflot" a contract for 2016 worth 3,886,144,234 rubles 68 kopecks. Under the contract, "Aeroflot" is obliged to provide "Russia" only dispatcher and boarding services, as well as is responsible for the passengers' safety at the airports and their medical examination.

Appendix 1 to the Agreement lists all the airports where "Russia’s" planes can land. According to the journalists’ data, in the contract the word "Sevastopol" is placed in the section "former Soviet Republics, the CIS – Ukraine."

Two years following Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the city of Sevastopol is still registered as the Ukrainian city in the documents of the Russian President Administration.

- In fact, calls for violation of "Russia’s territorial integrity" are prosecuted, but the Kremlin, of course, can always refer to the negligence and errors. If so then neither Mejlis nor people saying the words "Crimea is not Russia" can be brought to justice. If the Kremlin officials are allowed to make mistakes, why others cannot. Although ... It often goes this way in Russia, ironically reported the newspaper.

Ukrainian Parliament announced February 20, 2014 an official starting date of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Photo: Internet