Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko is to visit the Netherlands, together with his brother Vladimir on March 22-23. The visit aims to support Ukraine on the eve of a consultative referendum on the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, which is due to be held in the Netherlands on April 6.

“We know that Russian propaganda operates in the Netherlands today, planting the seeds of stupidity and myths, agitating the people to vote against the ratification of the Association Agreement. Although the Netherlands Parliament has ratified the Agreement, the opinion of people in a democratic society is very important for us. So, me and my brother decided to go to the Netherlands to bring the truth about Ukraine struggling for its European future and tell about decent and free people,” said Vitaly Klitschko.

During their visit, the Klitschko brothers are going to meet with students of Leiden University Campus The Hague, MPs and members of the Government of the Netherlands, according to the Kyiv City Administration’s website.