Russia claimed it is ready to take steps against ‘DPR’ and ’LPR’ militants it backs, said Sergei Lavrov, Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

- Unfortunately, no changes have touched the most important issue - preparation for the elections. The obligations of the Ukrainian authorities to agree with Donbas on the election cannot be realized, said Lavrov following the ministerial meeting of the Quartet Norman in Paris as cited by Interfax-Ukraine.

The Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry went on saying Moscow is ready to influence their Donbas colleagues in order to ensure that "they cooperate with the OSCE."

- They seem to be ready for that, Lavrov said uncertainly.

Last night, the Quartet Norman wrapped up talks on conflict regulation in Donbas, but, according to Pavel Klimkin, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Ukraine, no compromises have been reached.