October 12, mass searches were carried out in the occupied Crimea. FSB officials allegedly detained leaders of "Hizb ut-Tahrir" organization banned in the Russian Federation. According to the lawyers, who had arrived at the scene, searches are illegal and represent gross rights violation.

In this regard, lawyers, represented by Emile Kurbedinov who sent a video message, urged the international community to join in defense of the Crimean Muslims’ rights.

“My colleagues and I regard this action as a continued repression. Only Islamic literature was found in the victims’ homes. We believe that all these actions are illegal, and we will appeal against it. We hope to find some justice in the final decisions of courts and the International community. I’m asking the international community to draw particular attention, because when they hear of Islam and "Hizb ut-Tahrir", all try to withdraw. And this is beneficial only for Russia. I ask everyone to join in the protection of the rights of Muslims, Crimean Tatars, which are grossly violated in Crimea,” he said.

This morning, a new wave of raids began in Crimea. In particular, in the arrays of Stroganovka and Kamenka, Simferopol district. FSB officials are searching the houses of the Crimean Tatars Emil Dzhemadenov, Eider Saledinov, Uzeyir Abdullayev, Timur Abdullayev and Rustem Ismailov. Head of CEC Kurultai of the Crimean Tatar people Zaire Smedlyaev said that following the searches, Eider Saledinov was taken to the FSB department in Crimea.

Reportedly, the searches were carried out today at four Crimean Tatars - Rustem Ismailov (aged 32, village of Kamenka), Uzeyir Abdullayev (aged 42, village of Stroganovka) Timur Abdullaev (aged 41, village of Stroganovka) and Emil Dzhemadenov. Attorney Eden Semedlyaev who arrived to Emil Dzhamadenov, reported that lawyers were not allowed.