The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine has published a list of artists posing a threat to national security, the Ministry’s press service reports.

According to the report, the list was put together due to requests received from the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine.

The list of artists includes the following individuals:

1. Kucherenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich

2. Kholmogorov Yegor Stanislavovich

3. Khazin Mikhail Leonidovich

4. Gazmanov Oleg Mikhailovich

5. Kobzon Joseph Davidovich

6. Perfilova Valeriya Yurevna

7. Prigozhine Joseph Igorevich

8. Bezrukov Sergey Vitalevich

9. Boyarskiy Mikhail Sergeevich

10. Rastorguev Nikolay Vyacheslavovich

11. Ohlobystin Ivan Ivanovich

12. Porechenkov Mikhail Evgeneevich

13. Leps Grigoriy Viktorovich

14. Gerard Depardieu

The report also says that the list would be updated upon receipt of complains from the Ukraine’s Security Service about individuals posing a threat to national security.