At a March 18 presentation of his new book “The Fourth Republic”, Boris Lozhkin, President Poroshenko’s Chief of Staff, shared his thoughts on why Ukraine should join the EU.

“The idea behind the book was to remind Ukrainians of the essence of joining the EU, as well as convince them that Ukraine will be able to tap into European values by joining the EU,” he said.

Lozhkin emphasized that thanks to the book he was able to answer the difficult question: “Why didn’t reforms work in Ukraine?”

“We would like to show that Ukraine has a future in Europe, show our vision of the future and let everybody know what it will take to achieve it,” Lozhkin said.

According to Lozhkin, the book is now available in Ukrainian and Russian languages. In a week, the English version of the book will be hitting the bookshelves in Europe. Lozhkin said that Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko was the first to read his book. He also extended his special thanks to the Ukrainian President for appointing him Head of Staff at a time Ukraine was facing a difficult situation.

According to Lozhkin, he decided to call his book “The Fourth Republic” because Ukraine entered a new phase in its development in 2014 and is now taking first steps on the road to becoming a modern, European and economically developed country.