Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine’s representative at the trilateral talks in Minsk, discussed a forthcoming round of talks with his Russian counterpart Boris Gryzlov. According to Darka Olifer, Leonid Kuchma’s press secretary, prior to meeting Gryzlov, Kuchma had a meeting with Martin Sajdik, an OSCE representative at the trilateral talks.

Kuchma’s press service did not elaborate on what Kuchma and Gryzlov talked about ahead of the Minsk talks which are due to start on January 13.

Oleg Lyashko, Leader of the Radical Party, compared Gryzlov’s arrival to Ukraine with a visit Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s Deputy, paid to Great Britain in May 1941. According to Lyashko, Gryzlov should have been placed under arrest and held in custody until he gets replaced by Putin.

“Gryzlov should have been arrested and then exchanged for Ukrainian citizens illegally incarcerated in Russia. If I had my way, I would not let Gryzlov go because he is one of those who masterminded Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and a key witness at a future trial of Putin. And there must be a trial unless the Ukrainian government gives up this extremely valuable asset,” said Lyashko.

Lyashko also demanded that Poroshenko, Head of Ukraine’s Security Service and Interior Minister explained why Putin’s envoy arrived in Kiev and was not detained.