Speaker of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry on ATO issues Andrei Lysenko said in an interview that the occupation special services have used the database of Ukraine military retirees to find new pseudo-saboteurs.

“Russian FSB resorted again to the next provocation. In fact, they choose a very simple way - they use the database, which is now kept in the territory of the Russian-occupied Crimea. This refers to the personal data of former soldiers who are no longer serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.” he said.

According to Lysenko, there are about 10 thousand Ukrainian military retirees in the Russian-occupied Crimea, and any of them may be detained on trumped-up charges of "sabotage".

“They are now engaged in a purely civilian life. But Russian security services, in order to show their alleged efficacy, simply retrieve archival records and declare someone another spy or Ukrainian saboteur. I can say that there are about 10 thousand profiles of people who have forgotten what a military service is and live a peaceful life in Crimea now. It is they who are at risk now,” Lysenko said.

It was reported earlier that Leonid Parkhomenko, former member of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters arrested by occupants on November 24, is suspected of "spying on the instructions of the intelligence service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.