In September, an official delegation from Mariupol visited the Greek island Kythnos, where the international links and agreements on further cooperation were established. On October 3, Mayor of island Kythnos Stamatis Garderis arrived in Mariupol. He signed a Comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the Mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko and head of the village of Sartana (near Mariupol) Alexander Kurkchi, according to the press service of the City Council.

This document becomes a reference point for future partnerships in various fields. In the first place, the expected mutual exchange of tourists will lift the economies of all three parties. Mariupol as a city will be represented by the inhabitants of the village of Sartana - a large centre of the Greeks, preserving the cultural heritage of the nation. Mariupol as well hosted a large Greek Diaspora.

"In national and cultural terms Mariupol is a multi-faceted city due to achievements of the Greeks,” said Vadim Boychenko.

The Greeks of Azov region is the third largest ethnic group in the Donetsk region. They appeared in Mariupol lands in the late 18th century. Since then, they live compactly in several villages around Mariupol and in the city itself, being active members of society and maintaining their cultural traditions.

Photo: Internet