Senators Ben Cardin and John McCain stated that two months after Donald Trump had signed a law extending sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, the US president still did not apply it.

The law, in particular, suggests that the Head of state will be able to impose sanctions on persons investing in the construction of Russian export pipelines more than $ 5 million per year or $ 1 million at a time. At the same time, the law separately specifies that the US will continue to oppose the Nord Stream-2 project.

“The delay calls into question the Trump administration’s commitment to the sanctions bill which was signed into law more than two months ago, following months of public debate and negotiations in Congress. They’ve had plenty of time to get their act together," the senators said in a statement to the press.

Moreover, the politicians are concerned about the lack of "significant diplomatic effort to engage the allies in Europe and lead an effort to increase pressure on Moscow."

The Trump administration opposed a provision that did not allow the president to ease or cancel sanctions against Russia without the consent of Congress.

Meanwhile, Russian state-owned companies and organizations, as well as enterprises in the occupied Crimea, are reported to have bought Microsoft software, despite anti-Russian Western sanctions.

Source: Reuter