Already in the near future, the government of Ukraine will adopt a resolution on a new procedure for entering the country for Russian citizens, Kommersant reports.

The visa regime will not be introduced, but other serious restrictions will appear: it will be possible to cross the border only with a biometric passport, and moreover, it will be necessary to fill out a special form on the Foreign Ministry website in advance.

Initially, the intention was to introduce a full-fledged visa regime with the Russian Federation, but in the end, this idea was abandoned.

“The main reason why Kyiv did not introduce the visa regime was fear for Ukrainian citizens who stayed in the Crimea,”  the Deputy Minister for temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Yuri Grymchak explained. "If we cancelled the agreement on a visa-free regime with Russia, these people would be deprived of the opportunity to travel unhindered to our country.

According to the new rules, entry into the territory of Ukraine will henceforth be possible only on biometric passports. Another innovation is an electronic form on the website of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, that every Russian who intends to visit a neighboring country will necessarily have to fill in.

“In the form, a Russian citizen will be required to indicate personal data, including profession and place of work, as well as the exact purpose of the trip and the settlements to visit. In the long term, arrival will be necessary to notify in a month - except for such emergency cases as, for example, illness or death of a relative, the newspaper reports citing a source close to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Reportedly, the application form must be filled in Ukrainian or in English.

According to the sources of the publication, the government of Ukraine will make the decision on changing the visa regime instead of the Parliament, as initially planned, and it is quite possible to be in the near future, even before September 1.

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