Russia exports arms to 17 billion dollars per year and plans to reach the figure of 20 billion dollars, the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev stated in an interview with Russian television channels.

Medvedev also noted that Russia remains "the largest supplier of weapons in the world," but then corrected himself and added that the United States is still ahead.

Dmitry Medvedev expressed the opinion that the expenses for increasing the defense capability of Russia will be converted to the economy improvement, since the development of the defense sector entails the development of civilian industries, employs a lot of people in the "civilian" sectors. In this regard, he also said that Russia plans to continue investing in the development of military-industrial complex.

“When we talk about the increasing of government expenses for defense, we realize that it is not only for the Ministry of Defence, it is for the security of the country. These costs in large part contribute to the formation of the state defense order. This is the work of hundreds of Russian enterprises, it is the creation of new high-tech products.”

Russia pursues open and covert military aggression around the world. In particular, it is supplying arms and troops, and supports pro-Russian separatists in the Ukrainian Donbas; enhances the level of militarization in the occupied Crimea; It maintains a military presence in the breakaway Abkhazia; as well as carries out military operations in Syria.