The West made a mistake in its pacifist recommendations for Ukraine during the beginning of the Russian occupation of Crimea, a Polish member of the European People's Party Jacek Saryusz-Wolski said in his comments, according to "Tsenzor.Net."

He pointed out that Ukraine's decision to refuse defending its territories by military means was not independent, but was an advice of Europe and the United States.

“The West should not have insisted that Ukraine did not provide resistance to defend itself in the Crimea. Much later it turned out that the reluctance to defend itself from Russian occupation by military means was not a decision of Ukraine, but a persistent recommendation of the West," the diplomat said.

Saryusz-Wolski noted that if Ukraine had provided military resistance to the Russian occupation in the Crimea, then further invasion of militants in the Donbas could be avoided.

Earlier, Adviser to the Head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry Anton Gerashchenko sated that today Ukraine has two courses of strategic action regarding the territories occupied by the Russian Federation: to isolate the occupied territories with a wall like the one between the western and eastern parts of Berlin, or North and South Korea, and to wait for changes in the geopolitical and internal political situation, or seek de-occupation of the peninsula through negotiations with the Russian Federation under the mediation of the international community.

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