German Chancellor Angela Merkel admits the introduction of European Union sanctions against Russia for bombing Syria with air force, reported DW with reference to Reuters.

“We will not just watch the ongoing and non-changing situation of human rights violations there [in Syria -. Ed.],” said Merkel on October 21 at the end of the EU summit, which took place in Brussels.

Merkel stresses that if the situation in Syria does not improve and the "barbaric acts" of the Russian Federation will continue, the EU would take action not only against the Syrian authorities, but all of their allies as well.

“It concerns, depending on the circumstances, Russia as well,” - explained the German Chancellor.

Merkel went on saying that she has no doubt that the EU would return to the issue of sanctions if the bombing continued.

She noted that the EU requires to halt the bombing of Syria, establish  long-term ceasefire and humanitarian access to the civilian population. According to the German Government, during the summit, EU leaders agreed that all possible means should be engaged to improve the situation in Syria.

Photo: Interne