The Syrian Charge d'Affaires Mohammad Sabah Al Haj Bakri was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to express him a strong protest against the declaration by the Speaker of the Syrian Parliament Khadiya Abbas, calling the annexed Crimea part of Russia.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Syrian Charge d'Affaires in Ukraine to express strong protest and get an explanation with regard to the statements of the Speaker of the Syrian Parliament on the issue of ownership of the Crimea,” said Speaker of the MFA of Ukraine Mariana Betsa.

“Ukraine said that such a statement is an unfriendly step towards our country and causes deep resentment. It was clearly stated that the Crimea was, is and remains part of Ukraine in accordance with international law. In addition, it is confirmed by the Resolution of the UN General Assembly of March 27, 2014 On the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” reads the statement of the representative of the Foreign Ministry.

It was reported earlier that the current Syrian President Bashar Assad is actively supported by the Kremlin. Actions of the RF Armed Forces, including the shelling of civilian residential areas, have repeatedly been condemned by the meetings of the UN Security Council.

Photo: Internet