Ukraine's Foreign Ministry considers the actions of the French official, in view of his recent meeting with the "Yalta delegation", as contrary to the policy of the European Union and France, according to a commentary of Mariana Betsy, Press Secretary of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, published on the Ministry’s website. 

“The entire civilized world condemned the occupation of the peninsula, confirmed the Ukraine's territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and introduced appropriate restrictive measures against the aggressor and occupier state,” the Press Secretary noted.

The Ministry is confident that the Kremlin organizes such visits trying to legitimate the occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea.

“Some foreign politicians and officials in countries friendly to Ukraine become hostages and puppets of the Kremlin's criminal policy and violate the laws of Ukraine, which, in turn, entails a legal responsibility,” the Ministry reports.

Just a reminder: The delegation of the mayor of Yalta with the participation of Russian Ambassador to France Alexander Orlov visited Nice on February 26 - March 1, where the "letter of intent" on rapprochement between the two cities was signed. Later on, the French government issued a sharp condemnation of the meeting, calling the initiative of the French mayor as contradictory to the official position of France.

Photo: Internet