According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine website, Ukraine demands Russian Federation to stop the conscription of Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea. 

Russia already plans to recruit about 2 thousand people from Crimea this fall.

“According to the published data of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, more than 800 people, residents of the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea were sent to places of military service. In general, in the fall of 2017, the occupying state plans to send nearly 2,000 people from the temporarily occupied territory to the Russian Armed Forces, including outside the Crimea," the message says.

MFA of Ukraine pointed out that, according to international humanitarian law, Russia is prohibited from coercing persons who are under protection to serve in the armed forces, as well as to exert pressure for voluntary joining the military service.

Earlier, the so-called "Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of the Republic of Crimea" supported the idea of the photo exhibition "In the Army with a smile!". According to the authors of the exhibition, the main idea of the project is to raise the prestige of the military and public service, to show the army’s everyday life, so that high school kids and students were not afraid to go to the army, and not to be depressed while in the army.

October 17, the invaders sent the first group of recruits from the Crimea to serve in Russia. The young Crimeans were brought to the service by the "caring Kremlin" in remote areas of Siberia and the Far East with the help of the flights of the Russian Air Force and Civil Aviation of Russia.