The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses its deep concern over the repeated facts of disappearance of citizens of Ukraine, as well as the ongoing criminal prosecution of Ukrainians on political grounds in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, according to the Ministry’s website.  

The MFA mentioned the case of journalist Nicholai Semena as an indicative example for "understanding of the scope of the repressive policy carried out by the occupation authorities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which is aimed at silencing and hiding from the public the critical situation of observance of citizens’ rights and freedoms."

“Ukraine is particularly concerned about the worsening of Nicholai Semena’s health, which is another testament to the fact that Russian competent authorities constantly practice tortures and other illegal methods during the investigation,” the report says.

The MFA of Ukraine stressed they demand that the Russian Federation, as the occupying state, to stop the persecution of Nikolai Semena and to release him immediately.

It was reported earlier that the house of Nikolai Semena, a freelance correspondent of Radio Liberty, was searched in April this year. On April 19, the Kremlin-controlled Crimean prosecutor's office announced that a criminal case was opened against the journalist for calls to violate the Russian Federation territorial integrity.

Nikolai Semena cannot leave the Crimea as he signed a recognizance not to leave. So, he should report his movements within Crimea to the FSB.

In addition, on July 11, the journalist was included in the federal list of persons involved in terrorism or extremism.

Photo: Internet