The Foreign Ministry calls on the citizens of Ukraine to the immediate evacuation from the city of Aleppo in Syria according to the department’s official Facebook page.

“Due to the further aggravation of the security situation in the city of Aleppo, the Ukrainian Embassy in Syria urges You to immediately leave the areas of hostilities,” reads the statement.

To this end, the Ukrainian Embassy in Syria and the Honorary Consulate General of Ukraine in Aleppo continues to provide assistance to Ukrainian citizens leaving the Aleppo for Ukraine via Damascus and Beirut.
Moreover, the Foreign Ministry reported the launching of a help line for citizens of Ukraine: + 963-957-570-0000, 963-966-241666, 963-936-124888, 963- 992-222290. The office can be also contacted by e-mail, or by sending a message to the UE in Syria page on the Internet: https: // https: // .

Earlier in July, the Armed Forces loyal to the Syrian President Bashar Assad blocked the militant-controlled areas of the city, where no less than 250 thousand people stayed. August 7, the militants blocked the access to the road used by the Assad’s troops to reach the western districts of Aleppo.

Previously, a Russian military-transport helicopter Mi-8 was shot down by gunfire from the ground in the Syrian province of Idlib. The helicopter was returning to the airbase Hmeymim after the delivery of humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo.
On board the helicopter were three crew members and two officers of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria.

The International Spectator informs that the helicopter was shot down by the militants, who reported about it in social networks.

Photo: Internet