Miners who arrived in Kiev from all over Ukraine, including the Volyn and Lvov regions, are protesting outside the Ukrainian Parliament. They want Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Vladimir Demchishin to resubmit the 2016 budget because the current one allocates no funding to the mining sector, reports a QHA correspondent.

Unless the MPs and government lend an ear to the miners’ demands, they will be forced to block traffic on major highways in the Volyn and Lvov region.

The miners are also demanding that Yatsenyuk dismiss Demchishyn whom they hold responsible for destroying the mining sector in Ukraine.

They are urging Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, Energy Minister Demchishyn and Parliament Speaker Groisman to meet trade union representatives to discuss backpaid wages, allocating funding to the mining sector and increasing miner wages. The miners’ representatives are planning to hand over a list of their demands to Yatsenyuk.