Yesterday, January 17, in the air of  "112 Ukraine" channel Nadiya Savchenko said that peaceful liberation of Donbas will inevitably lead to "surrender" of the Crimea.

“Regarding that this will be done by peaceful means, with respect to the fact that Russia will not sustain the sanctions - this is sure to be the surrender of Crimea.

For a certain period of time, as always, it will be postponed indefinitely. Regardless of some deputies’ shouting and tearing their shirts, no matter how much they shout, that we will not surrender, they should give up. It [Crimea -. Ed.] now remains an unrecognized occupied territory. Crimea is another Transnistria. And not to make Donbas the next Transnistria, they will leave the occupied Crimea and take back Donbas.  I do not see other peaceful ways,” the Deputy said, when asked about the possibility of the occupied territories liberation in 2017.

First Deputy Minister for the Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons Yusuf Kurkchi commented to the news agency QHA on the opinion of the People's Deputy Savchenko about the Crimea, she expressed on air channel "112".

The Deputy Minister said that Nadiya Savchenko, known for her inconsistent statements, has once again demonstrated her own incompetence.

“Fortunately, nothing depends on anything Savchenko says, as well as depends on anything she does not say. She is not a person determining the policy in relation to issues she comments. This is another demonstration of the competence level of the individual deputies, nothing more.” Kurkchi said

The official also explained why the proposal of People's Deputy Savchenko is not clever in fact:

“The territorial integrity of Ukraine is violated. Parts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and the Crimea are not fragments of different states, all of these are parts of the Ukrainian territory. Introduction of any "exchange" models in the public discourse, that is regaining control over one part of its territory in return for giving up another part, is nothing more than sheer nonsense.

The Historical period and all the challenges  the Ukrainian state and people are facing must not be used by any political force or any politician for the purpose of PR or populist statements. Every word spoken, each position will be evaluated by the law enforcement agencies and future generations,” Kurkchi said.