Director of the Lustration Department of the Ministry of Justice Tatiana Kozachenko repeated the statement posted on the website of Ministry of Justice, which claims that the lustration was successfully completed by 98%.

“Five thousand people fall under the veto to work in the government. 98% of lustration cases have been processed. These persons either left on their own will, or were forcibly suspended under the law to rid the government,” she said.

Kozachenko said that all the officials who had worked in their positions during the Revolution of Dignity, were suspended in accordance with the law on lustration.

Speaking about the public discontent, she noted that the problem is not the law itself, but the expectations associated with it.

The Ministry of Justice hopes for the e-declaration as well, to remove "people who can not explain the origin of their property".

Earlier, the experts spoke about the ineffectiveness of the lustration process and its discrepancy with the relevant agenda.

Photo: Internet