Bloomberg get to know about financial relationships among the so-called DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and Russia. Sbout $ 37 mln are placed to the separatist’ accounts as pensions, reports the edition.

According to the edition, before hostilities start, the region got its income mainly by exporting coal and metals. Now the terrorists are directly dependent on Russian funding. The self-proclaimed government is now trying to support the scenario somehow: all businessmen are imposed with higher taxes. Also, the entrepreneurs are forced to open accounts in the Central Bank of the DPR.

According to the comments given by Irina Nikita, the head of the separatist Central Bank gave comments for the edition, the bank has opened more than 14 thousand accounts. Accounts of local entrepreneurs. These operations, carried out through a Russian lenders or bank in South Ossetia,supposedly enable importers to settle accounts with their Russian suppliers.

In his blog, Viktor Shevchuk wrote that while Russian patriots are enjoying the prosperity of their native land, their money are used to finance separatists. Before the outbreak of hostilities, Donbass was deemed as one of the most subsidized Ukrainian regions, led by oligarchs who stripped the population to the skin.