The Moscow City Court banned Mustafa Jemilev, leader of the Crimean Tatar people and Ukrainian MP from entering Crimea, RIA Novosti quotes Mark Feigin, Mustafa Jemilev’s lawyer, as saying.

“We lodged a complaint but it was dismissed. I can give no more explanation, because the whole matter is surrounded by secrecy and meaningless,” said Mark Feigin.

He added that he intends to appeal the decision at the Supreme Court of Russia.

A hearing in the case Jemilev vs FSS was held in closed session on May 20.

In 2014, Mustafa Jemilev tried to enter the territory of the Crimea, but the Russian border guards prevented him from doing so saying that he was not allowed in the Russian Federation until 2019. Later, Simferopol’s Kiev District Court issued an warrant for Jemilev’s arrest in absentia. Jemilev also had criminal proceedings instituted against him under three articles of the Criminal Code.

According Jemilev’s lawyer Mark Feigin, to date ‘no one has seen the court’s decision denying him entry to Crimea’.