The Moscow City Court decided to extend the arrest of the prisoner Evgeny Panov in the occupied Crimea for the alleged plotting of sabotage under instructions of Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Thus, the court rejected an appeal by Panov’s defense who insisted on the innocence of the client and called for his release, according to "UNIAN".

Panov himself does not recognize his guilt in the court.

Lawyer of the "saboteur" Olga Dinze stated that no investigative proceedings against her client are carried out, and consequently the court only stalling for time, repeatedly extending sentences.

August 10, 2016 the Russian FSB stated about preventing "terrorist acts" in the occupied Crimea allegedly plotted by the Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, and the elimination of an agent network in the peninsula. The first detainees on charges of sabotage were Evgeny Panov, named a leader of the group, and Andrew Zahtey. Later Panov sent a statement on the torture used against him to the Investigative Committee Dec 8, asking to check the actions of the FSB officers who detained him. According to Panov, after his arrest the FSB officers tortured him by electric shocks, beaten with iron fittings and hanged him from the ceiling by handcuffs.

Photo: Internet