Mufti of Muslims in Belarus Abu-Bekir Shabanovich and Mufti of Muslims in Estonia Ildar Mukhamedshin visited the Crimea occupied by Russia. Mufti of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Ukraine UMMAH Said Ismagilov shared the corresponding information on his Facebook page on May 4, attaching a photo confirming their participation in the events in Bakhchiyarai.

“What did the Mufti of the Muslims of Belarus and the Mufti of Muslims of Estonia do in the occupied Crimea? I saw latest news about the presentation of books to them in the museum named after Gasprinsky in Bakhchysarai. I open it and see the photo of the Mufti of the Muslims of Belarus Abu-Bekir Shabanovich and the Mufti of Muslims of Estonia Ildar Mukhamedshin next to the local religious figures.”

The Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Ukraine reminded that trips to Crimea through the Russian Federation are breaching the legislation of Ukraine, and notified that such behavior of Muftis is a disrespect for the Ukrainian Muslims.

“I doubt very much that they went to Crimea through the Ukrainian border. And traveling to Crimea through Russia is already participation in the politics of RF, and also a crime. Well, it's clear, Belarus is in the zone of Russia’s influence, and therefore I'm not very surprised. But Estonia is a country of the European Union, which did not recognize the occupation of the Crimea. How did the Mufti from the European Union get to the Crimea?

If it turns out that the Muftis were in the Crimea illegally, then such behavior of high-level Muslim religious figures is unacceptable towards Ukraine and the Muslims of Ukraine.”

Later, May 5, the Secretary of the State Border Service Oleg Slobodyan confirmed in a commentary to QHA that the Mufti of the Muslims of Belarus Abu Bekir Shabanovich and the Mufti of Muslims of Estonia Ildar Muhamedshin entered the occupied Crimea across the border of the Russian Federation, thereby, violating the Ukrainian legislation.

“Citizens of Belarus and Estonia did not cross the administrative border of Ukraine with the Crimea on April 25-27,” a representative of the SBSU said.

Earlier, on March 17, the Ambassador of Serbia in Ukraine was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for clarification. The reason for the summoning was that a group of Serbian parliamentarians defiantly violated Ukrainian law and international law by making an unauthorized visit to the Russian-occupied Crimea.

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