The Ukrainian patriot has promised Russia’s law enforcement officials to fight for victory until the end, according to her Facebook page.

“My sister Vera wants to go to support me in court during sentencing, and then when I’ll go on hunger strike, she will stand at the gate of the prison and fight for me until the end. We all know the story of the Navalny brothers. In Russia, the younger brother was imprisoned as a hostage to tie the hands of the elder,” Nadezhda Savchenko wrotes.

She explained that she wanted to "avoid a similar situation with my sister, against which a criminal case was opened in Russia to punish her for her fight against the Russian Federation for me," and Nadezhda went on to say, "I’m very often asked recently when my sister will arrive."

“If they dare to detain Vera and throw her into prison, from the first day of her imprisonment, we both will go on dry hunger strike until death or until our return to Ukraine! World will not forgive Russia the murder of two Savchenko sisters! Savchenko sisters are too hard for Russia executioners! They have not coped even with one of them! Taking such a decision we will prevent all their attempts to make us weak alone! We are together in life and in death! And we both love Ukraine! Together we will win!” Nadezhda Savchenko wrote.

Photo: Internet