In order to simplify the procedure for obtaining a broadcasting license to the Crimea, the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine jointly with the Ministry of Information Policy drafted a bill to grant temporary permits to broadcast on the territory of Crimea for radio and television stations. The bill allows to work around a number of bureaucratic procedures in drafting documentation, and provides an opportunity for Ukrainian companies to quickly obtain a license for the FM-frequencies in Crimea.

“Together with MIP, we drafted a bill on the use of satellite broadcasting organization mode similar to the ATO zone. Thus, we have legalized authorizations for temporary broadcasting in the ATO zone, and today we gave permission to broadcast "Army FM» in four locations in the FM-band. And we are trying to introduce the same mode in the territory of the Kherson region, and on the northern border with Russia due to this bill. It allows to avoid competitions, and quickly grant permissions for television and radio companies,” Sergey Kostinsky shared the information with QHA.

Photo: Internet