The first place among the possible conflicts or threats in 2017 occupies a probable confrontation between one of the NATO member states and Russia, according to report of the US Council on Foreign Relations published on the basis of a survey of experts in the field of international relations.

Possible conflicts are ranked in descending order of their anticipated impact on the situation in the world and even the possibility of their occurrence.
Experts estimated the probability of the "intentional or unintentional military confrontation" between Russia and member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance as a moderate, but the extent of the impact as high.
The North Korean crisis took the second place in the list due to the testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. Next in the ranking is a devastating cyberattack on the infrastructure or the terrorist attacks in the United States and in other countries.

The ranking report prepared by the American Council also included the growing instability in Afghanistan, intensification of violence between Turkey and the Kurdish terrorists and escalating of opposition parties in the civil war in Syria.

Photo: Internet