At the meeting of the Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, held in Istanbul on November 20, a resolution "Support for the post-Warsaw defense and deterrence strategy" was approved, where Russian aggression against Ukraine was named a major destabilization factor of the security situation in the world, Ukrainian MP and head of the Ukrainian delegation Iryna Friz posted on her Facebook page.

During the discussion of the resolution, a decision on strong support for Ukraine was reached as a form of response to the actions of the aggressor.

“A new factor, which will now be the focus of NATO, is the transformation of the Crimean peninsula into an actual new strategic military base of the Russian Federation. Russia was officially recognized as aggressor by the international organizations. Thanks to colleagues from the NATO PA for position of solidarity and support to all relevant initiatives of the Ukrainian delegation,” Iryna Friz wrote.

As QHA reported earlier, at the meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Istanbul, Ukrainian delegation presented the report by the volunteer group InformNapalm on presence of Russian troops in Donbas.

Photo: Internet