Daughter of Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition activist, who was killed in February 2015, said she would donate €700,000 to charitable projects in Ukraine.

Zhanna Nemtsova said that prior to the award-giving ceremony during which she received the prestigious Lech Walesa Solidarity Prize, Polish Radio reports.

“Part of the award in the amount of €700,000 will be directed to charitable projects in the Eastern Partnership countries, which is a precondition for an award winner. All these charitable projects will be funded mainly in Ukraine, which is now being ravaged by war,” Zhanna Nemtsova said.

"We are talking about supporting families of the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. The money will also be used for repairing schools and purchasing equipment in the regions of Ukraine where a lot of displaced people are currently residing. Besides, the Crimean Tatar TV channel in exile, currently broadcasting from Kyiv, will also receive financial support. The channel represents the beacon for freedom of speech and provides objective news coverage of the situation in Crimea," emphasized Nemtsova.

The daughter of the murdered politician is also going to provide grants to Charter'97 website from Belorussia, whose Editor-in-Chief is Nata Radina.

Established by the Polish foreign service, the Solidarity Prize is awarded for outstanding achievement in promotion and protection of democracy and civil liberties.

The award winner shall receive a statuette, as well as €1 million. The Solidarity Prize is comprised of €250,000 to be paid to the winner, €700,000 to be spent for programs selected by the winner and €50,000 to be used to cover the cost of a trip to Poland for the winner or persons specified by him/her.

Zhanna Nemtsova also said she is going to donate her €250,000 to the Boris Nemtsov Foundation. Just a reminder: Mustafa Jemilev, leader of Crimean Tatars, deputy of Ukraine, Commissioner of President of Ukraine for the Crimean Tatars, is to take part in the ceremony of awarding a second Lech Walesa Solidarity Prize, due to be held today.

This year’s prize has been awarded to Zhanna Nemtsova, daughter of Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition activist, who was shot dead outside the Kremlin this February. The first person to receive the Lech Walesa prize was Mustafa Jemilev, leader of the Crimean Tatars.