Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he is confident that most of the Dutch will decide to vote "yes" for signing the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement. He stated this in his interview with Nieuwsuur on Wednesday, March 30.

“I'm confident of the Netherlands wisdom. I think that the majority will vote "yes" in the referendum on April 6 in the interest of developing trade and stability in Europe. This is important because we live in hard times. This agreement is not about the EU membership, not about money and not about a visa-free regime,” said the Prime Minister.

The referendum, which will take place in the Netherlands on April 6, is advisory rather than mandatory, but parliamentarians can take into account its results, if desired.

It was reported earlier that the Dutch volunteers launched a campaign in support of Ukraine in the referendum. At the same time, the deputy of the Parliament stated that the Netherlands will not ratify the association in the event of the referendum failure.

Photo: Internet