Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov connects the outbreak of searches in the occupied Crimea with the growing international attention to the situation on the peninsula.

The QHA correspondent reports, that Emil Kurbedinov expressed a corresponding opinion, answering the question about searches in the houses, offices and shops of the Crimean Tatars in Belohorsk.

“Now I do not know any specific facts, we will call up and follow the situation.”

The lawyer noted that unexpected searches after several weeks of relative calm may be a reaction of the occupation authorities to events in Ukraine or in the world connected with the Crimea.

“We can observe this tendency when press conferences on the Crimean issue are held, when public or political figures leave for international venues, when international observers come to monitor the situation in the Crimea, as it was several years ago, such impudent searches begin, I can call it nothing but provocations.”

QHA reported that officers of the Russian FSB conducting searches in Belohorsk took director of LLC "KrymOpt" Ali Bariev out from the house and drove to an unknown destination. The investigator of the department for the crimes related to the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare signed in the protocol on Bariev's detention.

Since the early morning of April 26, the special forces in the occupied Crimea were searching the house of the director of LLC "KrymOpt" Ali Bariev and the network of shops "Guzel" in Belohorsk.

It also became known that the invaders were searching not only the house of the director of the company, but the houses of the "KrymOpt" employees as well.

According to the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov, searches in the occupied Crimea in Belohorsk were carried out by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).