The current US President Barack Obama ordered the US intelligence agencies to study and prepare a report on the Russian intervention in the last US presidential election, according to the Advisor to the President for Internal Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco, as cited by Voice of America.

The representative of the Presidential Administration said that a report should be prepared before the end of the presidential term of Barack Obama, that is, until January 20. Such a term is set for the Congress to consider the criticality of Russian influence on the election of Donald Trump the President until the latter enters his post, and in case of a serious evidence of the vote distortion, consider on the abolition of the election results.

As of now, the Commission to evaluate the influence of the Russian Federation on elections has already been created in the US Senate, and the bill on the establishment of a similar body in the House of Representatives is under consideration.
Previously, December 7, a group of the US congressmen sent a formal request to President Barack Obama on calling a closed briefing on the influence of Russia on the internal policy of the state and, in particular, on the results of the presidential elections.
Photo: Internet