The United States will insist on  implementation of the Minsk agreements and termination of the Russian Terror in Ukraine, said the US President Barack Obama on August 2, reports Deustche Welle.
According to the American president, the United States “will continue to try to reach a settlement so we, for example, implemented the Minsk agreement and has made to Russia and the separatists laid down their arms and stop bullying the Ukraine.” 

"I think we’ve already got a lot differences with Russia on a whole bunch of issues, but I think that we’ve been able to try to stay focused on those areas where we still have a common interest, understanding that we have deep disagreements on issues like Ukraine, but perhaps we have an interest in bringing an end to violence in Syria," Obama told reporters. 

As QHA reported earlier, the US presidential candidate with the Republican Party, Donald Trump said he is ready to recognize Crimea as a part of Russia, if he takes the presidency.

Photo: Internet