A journalist and an observer from Germany arrived in the Russia-occupied Crimea for the "election" of the Russian president, the so-called "Deputy Chairman of the committee of the State Council on interethnic relations" in the occupied Crimea  the Head of the Kremlin-controlled German national-cultural autonomy in the Crimea Yuri Hempel said in the commentary to "RIA Krym" on March 17.

He noted that the official arrived is the Head of the faction of the "Left Party" in the Parliament of Quakenbrück (Germany) Andreas Maurer, who will observe the electoral process. Collaborator did not mention the name of the German journalist who had arrived, as well as the publication he works for.

According to Hempel, two more Norwegians were to come to Crimea on Saturday: Hendrik Weber, Head of the public organization "Norwegian People's Diplomacy" and his colleague.

Reportedly, the European Union does not recognize the holding of presidential elections in Russia in the occupied Crimea.

QHA reported that on March 15 the UN Security Council held a special meeting in the Arria format dedicated to holding illegal presidential elections in the annexed Ukrainian peninsula.

Source: RIA Krym