Donald Trump is due to visit Crimea in order to see the life of the Crimean people and "make sure the peninsula should be recognized as the territory of the Russian Federation", said the first Vice-Premier of the Russia-controlled Crimean government Mikhail Sheremet as cited by ria.ru.

- As the old saying goes it is better to see once than to hear many times. A lot of distortions about Crimea have been spread in the West. We are pleased to see absolutely all the friends who come to rest in Crimea and see that we live in peace and prosperity, said Sheremet.

The first Vice-Premier has not touched upon the repressions and a catastrophic situation with the economy, but stressed that one shouldn’t take Trump’s words very seriously since he is only a presidential candidate.

- We would like to hear the statements of the President Trump. So far, these are only pre-election slogans, but we hope for good sense, said the Crimean politician.

The US presidential candidate with the Republican Party, Donald Trump said he is ready to recognize Crimea as a part of Russia, if he takes the presidency. Trump’s statements are contrary to the official US stance, which recognizes the annexation of Crimea illegal. The US State Department refused to comment on the candidate’s statement saying it is a "pre-election rhetoric."

Photo: Internet