The occupation authorities of the Russian-annexed Crimea called the resolution of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly calling on Russia to leave the Ukrainian peninsula a "shrieking of a jackals pack." Such statement was made by Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Georgi Muradov, Russian media reports.

“All these attempts by the small, numerous aggressive states and their politicians towards Russia cause only irritation and create a situation where we can compare this with the shrieking of a jackals pack who would like to tear a bear into pieces, but they will never succeed in it,” said the Crimean official.

Muradov believes that "before adopting this kind of declaration, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly should ask the Crimean people first." In his opinion, no calls and resolutions are capable of changing the "choice of the Crimeans," which they allegedly did at a referendum in 2014.

He went on saying that Russia has enough military-political forces, economic and natural resources to protect the "choice of the Crimeans".

Earlier, on July 7 the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution on "Restoration of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity".

PHOTO: Internet