March 22. Shevket Usmanov, a delegate of the Kurultai of Crimean Tatars, has told the QHA news agency about the search of his house being carried out by Russian law enforcement officers. 

“OMON Russian special forces have come to my house in the village of Vesele in Sudak district. I'm in Kyiv now. My sons and my wife Ilmira are now at home.  They are watching the situation," Usmanov said.

According to Shevket Usmanov, OMON officers have not taken outside the house any valuables as well as not planted any prohibited items.

“At the moment my neighbors and fellow villagers are watching the special forces operation," he said.

However, Shevket Usmanov doesn’t know any details of the search in Remzi Muratov’s house, another delegate of Kurultai.

It was reported earlier by QHA that Russian security forces searched the house of Remzi Muratov, a Kurultai delegate, in the village of Dmytrivka in Dzhankoy district of Crime on March 22. 

Photo: Internet