Russia’s armed forces continue to demonstrate activity on the administrative border with the annexed Crimea, according to the website of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

“For the past day, the border guards of Azov-Black Sea regional division have watched the flight of Mi-8 helicopter over the temporarily occupied territory near the administrative boarder with Crimea. The border units also recorded the demonstrative activity of military equipment in the occupied territory of the peninsula. In addition, the invaders tried to spotlight the position of border guards, carrying their service in this area,” says the report.

It is also noted that the aggressor's activity was recorded in ATO area.

“Ukrainian military spotted 2 flights of unmanned aerial vehicles used for aerial surveillance,” the agency reports.

In addition, the units of the State Border Service in Kharkiv region continue to observe the operation of mobile radio intelligence posts on Russian territory near the border with Ukraine. According to the available information, Russia deployed there the reconnaissance and signaling systems.

Photo: Internet