Russian security forces will enhance the safety measures in the annexed Crimea in March because of the alleged "threat of terrorist attacks from Ukraine."

The occupiers intend to tighten security at the polling stations, at the administrative border and across the Crimea in general.

"A potential threat may come from members of international terrorist organizations that may attempt to enter the peninsula across the border with Ukraine," said Sergei Aksyonov, head of the government of the occupied Crimea.

Although, the invaders do not specify which international organizations and which security measures are involved, but promise a "quick and tough reaction" to any provocations.

Reference: Election of the Russian president was postponed to the date of annexation of the Crimea by Russia on March 18, and Putin intends to vote for himself in the occupied Crimea.

Earlier, the QHA agency reported that columns of military equipment were spotted in the Crimea.

Source: Kriminform