The meeting of the State Council of the occupation authorities of Crimea on Property and Land Relations, chaired by its leader Eugene Dobrynia, approved the transfer of a number of state-owned real estate objects to the ownership of the Crimean municipalities.

Today, the MPs decided to demolish the unfinished Crimean nuclear power plant in the city of Shelkino, according to the press service of the so-called State Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Head of the Committee Eugene Dobrynia and MPs decided to deduct an unfinished nuclear power plant from the balance of the Crimean State Unitary Enterprise "Construction Supply Center."

- All buildings are in disrepair, and their further operation is impossible. Thus, the write-off procedure will be carried out by demolition. It is planned to use the cleared area for building a Scholkinskiyi tech park, while construction materials obtained in the course of dismantling works will be used to build a transport passage through the Kerch Strait, according to the press service of the site.