At the tourism exhibition in Kazakhstan on the eve of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a scandal erupted over a photo of the illegally constructed Kerch bridge.

The protocol service of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that the photo of the bridge must be covered, because Kazakhstan, like other CIS countries, did not recognize the annexation of the Crimea.

“And you want our president to appear on this background? This will not work,” said Kazakh officials.

But when the photos were disguised, the Russian side was indignant that for them this bridge was “something to be proud of”, and Putin will not be happy when he finds out about the incident.

After discussion, the parties agreed to restore the stand, but not to walk the presidents past it.

Therefore, instead of the Black Sea resorts at the exhibition, the heads of the two countries were shown the stands of the Yamalo-Nenetsky Okrug, the Omsk Region of Russia and several Kazakh regions.

Later, Nazarbayev and Putin were shown attributes of local riders, such as a whip-kamcha. Nazarbayev said that such a whip, according to popular belief, protects against evil spirits and helps restore order. Putin asked one to keep it for himself.

In October, a fragment of the span of the railway section of the Kerch bridge under construction went into the water. During the lowering of a fragment of the bridge onto the pillars, one of the spans tilted and fell into shallow water. The incident occurred due to a technical failure of one of the jacking systems.
Source: MK