January 29 to February 1, the shelling at the demarcation line in the Donbas region has reached the record intensity for the entire monitoring period. Thus, only in Avdiivka area about 9 thousand explosions were recorded, according to the report of the OSCE Monitoring Mission.

“The SMM noted a significant increase in ceasefire violations recorded in Donetsk region, including over 10,330 explosions, compared with around 2,500 in the previous reporting period.The number of explosions was the highest yet recorded by the SMM. Over 9,250 of them were recorded in the area of Avdiivka and Yasynuvata.”

Earlier QHA reported that January 29, the pro-Russian militants attempted to storm the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of Avdiivka in Donetsk region. Ukrainian fighters repulsed the invaders, forcing them to retreat. After the collision, the terrorists have resumed mortar attacks on Avdiivka.

Photo: Internet