(QHA) - A number of documents belonging to the Ottoman era were seriously damaged in a fire in the presidential office in Sarajevo, World bulletin reports. The archives executive, Saban Zahırovic, said that many historical documents, rulings, and microfilms had been damaged. Zahirovic described the incident as a crime against the country's culture and history. A series of protests in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina turned into nationwide violence over the weekend. Protesters across Bosnia set fire to many government buildings including presidential building. Started by disgruntled public workers who claim they have been deprived of their social rights and benefits, the protests have seen the arrests of 200 hundred people, while 300 have been injured and 17 public buildings set ablaze. Administrators in a number of member states, including Tuzla, have resigned over the protests. The last resignation came on Sunday from the BiH police Coordination Chief Himzo Selimovic.