The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted two resolutions with the amendments proposed by the Ukrainian delegates, according to Facebook page of the Ukrainian MP Vladimir Aryev.

“I am proud of the team work of the delegation to the PACE! Once we have reached all the most important references in the two resolutions on Ukraine, namely the extension of sanctions against Russia to restore full sovereignty of Ukraine, the condemnation of the illegal elections in Crimea as well as ban Mejlis, the refuse the call to take the Russian Federation to the Assembly in spite of anything, to release prisoners and many more. Even the title "the conflict in Ukraine" was replaced by "Russia's aggression in Ukraine",” he wrote.

He noted that even those speakers who were supportive of Russia, in fact acknowledged that the Russian Federation has brought trouble upon Ukraine.

“We know this, of course, but in Europe they are methodically polished by the generously funded Russian propaganda. And our team will continue to do everything possible to combat the influence of the Russian lobby in PACE. The word of truth against manipulation. And we win. Together.” Aryev concluded.

Photo: Internet