Russia should experience full responsibility for their aggression against Ukraine,  the US Vice-President Michael Pence stated in a speech at the Munich security conference, according to the "European truth".
“Speaking about Russia, it should be held accountable for their actions in Ukraine.”
It should be noted that the observation of the RF aggression in Ukraine was the only one that Pence said about Russia and Russian-American relations in his half-hour speech at the conference.
According to the press secretary of the White House Sean Spicer, President of the United States Donald Trump made it clear that he expects Russia to facilitate the de-escalation of the conflict in Donbas region and the return of Crimea to the sovereignty of Ukraine.
The White House confirmed the United States position in the UN, implying that which is that imposed because of the sanctions against Russia imposed for the occupation of Crimea will remain in place until the return of control over the peninsula of Ukraine.
Photo: Internet